The right decking installation can add great value to any home in Melbourne. Done correctly, it will instantly add aesthetic appeal and give you more living space. Done incorrectly or with unsuitable materials and it could actually decrease the value of your property. So it’s important to choose a professional who can help plan and install your decking with the passion, expertise, and materials to get the job done right. For houses here in Melbourne, VIC, we most frequently build timber decks out of the following materials:

Merbau: Popular because it is highly durable, less expensive than many other decking timbers, and rot and insect resistant.

Treated pine: Treated Pine comes in many varieties, but is a favourite for its low cost and because it takes stain and paint extremely well, giving you an almost endless choice of colours.

Ironbark: Heavy, dense, and highly durable. A great choice to go near pools or high traffic areas. More resistant to fire, termites, & rot than most other timbers.

Stringybark: Stringybark comes in white, yellow, and red variations…yellow being the most popular for outdoor decking because it’s more durable than white and cheaper than red.

Timber decking is an excellent choice for creating a feature within a landscape or garden. There is a wide range of options and with a little imagination and collaboration the design possibilities are endless. At Contemporary Landscapes we can custom design & build a decking system to suit any property and its surroundings – even if you don’t have the world’s largest budget.

And decking can actually be a clever way of making use of uneven ground. With the use of stilts and steps, different levels can be created giving the impression of uniformity and will make a garden much easier to navigate.

A professionally constructed decking system, using high quality materials, can literally bridge the indoor home to the outdoor garden. It has the ability to enhance a garden visually and provide an outside living area perfect for relaxation and entertaining. There are a wide range of additional extras to choose from that we can also discuss with you.

If you’re looking for professional timber decking in Mernda, Bundoora, Epping, Wollert, Doreen, South Morang, or anywhere in greater Melbourne VIC.

Give us a call today and we’ll arrange a time to visit your site and discuss the best decking solution for you.